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Captivate her spirit with the enchanting allure of the alternating emerald and oval diamond prong set bracelet, boasting a mesmerizing combination of 20.80ct emerald-cut emeralds and 5.57ct oval-cut diamonds. Crafted to ignite a sense of wonder, this exquisite bracelet serves as a perfect declaration of love and admiration for the woman who holds a special place in your heart. The alternating arrangement of vivid emeralds and brilliant oval-cut diamonds will captivate her with their rich hues and dazzling sparkle. Meticulously designed to epitomize elegance and sophistication, this bracelet stands as a timeless symbol of your deep affection. Gift her this extraordinary piece, destined to be treasured forever, and witness the joy that lights up her eyes as she wears this exceptional creation—an eloquent reflection of your profound love and devotion.


Style Number JBR187
Item Number 198147
Metal Type Platinum
Item Class Bracelets, Precious Stones
Product Line Luxury
Precious Stone Emerald